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Save the ocean in Ishigaki, T –shirt



Ishigaki island is surrounded of coral reef. The ocean just outside the reef is so transparent that you can see the fish swimming in it from above, the transparent water raises and creates waves that breaks onto the shores. This beautiful ocean is the sparkling treasure of the island and we must pass it down to the next generations. However the development on the island is causing many problems. The red soil washing into the ocean causes damage to the coral reef. This surf T-shirt is designed based on the ocean of Ishigaki. The blue lines resembles the waves washing against the shore, and the brown line is the red soil washing into the ocean. 10% of the sales from this T-shirt will be contributed towards the protection and preservation of the coral. FREEFOWLS will like to be a part of protecting our beautiful ocean through the sales of our designed T-shirts.

Contributions to the coral fund is included.



Ishigaki Is. SURF T-shirt​

color/ ホワイト

size/ 130 /  XS

 S / M / L / XL 

cotton 100%

price / 3,900 円


It provides with a web special price.


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