When will Covid-19 end?
This year's sightseeing in Okinawa is ravaged by Covid-19.
Will Covid-19 disappear after this winter?

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Graphic & Solid Design






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​about store

The island's multi-tenant building, with its mysterious doll and a white triangular signboard. You enter the building as if summoned in, only to find an inoperative elevator. You have no choice but to take the stairs... The small shop on the 3rd floor here at Ishigaki island is sure to be a place that will become a memory of the long travel to the southern islands.

島の雑居ビル 動かないエレベーター 仕方なく登る階段






After putting an end to my work in Tokyo in 1998, I set out on my dream trip around Okinawa. I spent four months from the end of the rainy season until fall staying at the islands that make up Okinawa. There I experienced life in the southern islands that I had read about in the novels I would get lost in as a child, and found myself unable to part with Okinawa. I particularly love the abundant nature and the mood of Ishigaki island that neighbors the cozy town... Around late autumn of that year I moved to Ishigaki island and started my new life. At the time, I was doing interior design in Tokyo, but there was no place to put that experience to work on the island, so I became a youth working at a bar in the southern islands. Every day, serving drinks and doing deliveries... After 4 years I quit and became a security guard. Later I got a license to operate large buses and got a part-time job at a gasoline stand on the island. By that time I was no longer a youth, but an old man. While working I started a subsidiary business making t-shirts. In 2003, Free Fowls commenced despite having no store front. Shirts that were made were consigned to and sold at souvenir shops and general stores on the island. The company store opened the following year in 2004. The happiness and sadness spread across over 10 years continues along with the approximately 10㎡ shop which instills all the wisdom and sense that I have cultivated up to now.

My design is a MY message.


I have lived on Ishigaki island for over 15 years. A lot becomes apparent when you've been here for a long time. There's the good parts of the island, and there's the bad parts. But I love this island as a whole. This sentiment for the island that wells up from my years here is the basis for my designs. When I used to work as an architecture designer in Tokyo, a design needed a meaning and reason. I have been in environments where this beauty of function is in constant demand, and there is meaning and stories in the t-shirts and Iriomote cats that I design. My designs are my worldwide message from this small island. To put it simply, it is akin to giving you my heart.

​designer profile

デザイナー 水鳥 広之 
ミズトリ ヒロユキ
国籍 日本
1992年 多摩美術大学美術学部建築科卒業後、
1998年 石垣島に移住。
2004年 FREE FOWLSを開業。


Designer/Hiroyuki Mizutori  
Resides in Ishigaki island, Okinawa (1998~present)  
From Tokyo  
Graduated from Fine Arts department in architecture 
at Tama Art University, and later on did housing design 
for 3 years at Sekisui House. Later on left the company 
and worked 3 years for Stanley's for both furniture and 
interior design.  
Moved to Ishigaki island in 1998.  
Opened Free Fowls in 2004. 
Designs t-shirt graphics, and produces and sells 
Iriomote wildcat plush toys. 
Currently expanding design activities in Ishigaki island.


TEL  0980-83-5023
Mail   mitto@violin.ocn.ne.jp
営業時間 9時~20時
不定休 休業日につきましてはコチラをご確認ください。
Add. LOG bldg.3rd floor 212
         Okawa Ishigaki-shi 
         Okinawa-ken Japan
Tel. 0980-83-5023(Only Japanese)
Mail   mitto@violin.ocn.ne.jp
Irregular holidays
Open 9:00---20:00
There is a long vacation in December.


                 LOG  Building 3F

TEL: 0980-83-5023

MAIL: mitto@violin.ocn.ne.jp


不定休 / 冬季、12月有長期停業

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